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IPSJ 1.0

The authors of the IPSJ 1.0 are Gerard M. Schippers and Theo G. Broekman.
They provide the IPSJ materials (including manuals, forms, and [E] forms) in pdf format free of charge on this site for anyone who wants to use it for non profit purposes. It is prohibited to produce, modify and or distribute IPSJ materials without permission of the authors.

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Web version: October 2013

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IPSJ 1.0


IPSJ 1.0 [E]
Electronic version.

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Please unzip first. The electronic pdf requires at least Adobe Reader X

(1) The IPSJ [E] can be used without a license on the condition that it is not used on a regular base. With this free version, the IPSJ scores can be computed automatically. The forms and the data, however, cannot be saved. The licensed version, the IPSJ [E-license], is required for regular use or use on a larger scale or for adaptations, extensions, or various other possibilities. It can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual user.